Danish Modern Furniture Designer Hans Wegner.

Danish modern furniture designs began in the early 1900’s and gained worldwide popularity in the 1940’s. The style was pioneered by design giants like Kaare Klint and Hans Wegner. They developed an aesthetic that defined spaces and recontextualized Modernism for everyday life. Danish Modern designs are unadorned and understated, lacking carving or ornament. Instead, the style focuses on the essence of furniture design, reducing furniture to its necessary parts; line, shape, color, proportion, and form. It could be said that the central goal of the Danish Modern style was to celebrate superlative craftsmanship and material quality, through correct proportion unified by simple mass, color, and line.

Hans Wegner was a giant of 20th century furniture design. He created dozens of iconic pieces over a long and fruitful career spanning more than five decades. Every piece he created began with his passion for the honesty of materials and the quality hand craftsmanship. He learned the art of furniture making as a young man prior to becoming a professional designer, and he held fast to a passion for solid wood joinery and the tactile experience of genuine materials. He was known by many as the craftsmen’s designer. This video offers a rare inside look at a Scandinavian factory producing one of his most famous designs, simply called “The Chair”.

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