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  • Stuart Kent & Co. grows

    Stuart Kent & Co. grows

    Stuart Kent & Co. is back in business and growing after months of preparation since returning from Costa Rica. We are excited to announce new profiles on the major social media sites and ask you to support craft entrepreneurship and American small business!

  • the new shop.

    the new shop.

    Welcome to the newly overhauled I hope you enjoy the new look of the site, I have redesigned the […]

  • Davidson Article on SWIISS.

    Davidson Article on SWIISS.

    My close friend and colleague Austin Sheppard participated in SWIISS this summer. His employer, Davidson College, wrote this article on him and the event. It is a great piece, very thorough and accurate, hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to share this piece using the social media icons at the bottom of the post.

  • done.


    the public reaction to this project was overwhelmingly positive. I am grateful to each of the Artists that traveled from around the world to create and gift art to this community, but more importantly I am grateful to the kind people of Costa Rica for welcoming us as guests in their beautiful country.

  • SWIISS 08.25.2013 the car ride.

    SWIISS 08.25.2013 the car ride.

    On Sunday we took a much deserved break and were toured around as the honored guests in a classic car parade that began in the Heredia Central Park, and took us high into the mountains north of the Central Valley for an incredible barbecue with members of the Antique Car Club of Costa Rica, hosted by the family of famed Costa Rican Sculptor Jiminez de Heredia.

  • planting seeds.

    planting seeds.

    SWIISS 08.24.2013 the community is engaged and enjoying all the activity!

  • SWIISS 8.23.2013

    SWIISS 8.23.2013

    Today is day 6. SWIISS has 9 days left. things got off to a slow start but we are rolling now – SWIISS is officially underway.

  • Arenal.


    Susan really hit the grand slam when she planned our Christmas trip to Arenal last December. Our fondness for this place was instantly endorsed by the SWIISS Artists, and we finally got a chance to welcome the group with a proper meal at Gingerbread with Chef Eyal.

  • the first 6.

    the first 6.

    Renowned Stone Sculptor Chris Peterson and his girlfriend Sanne Koetsier arrived from the Netherlands on the first of August. Since […]

  • final monday before SWIISS Costa Rica.

    final monday before SWIISS Costa Rica.

    SWIISS is approaching fast. Chris Peterson arrives in three days, and the other SWIISS Sculptors follow in just two weeks. I am working around the clock right now to keep up with the volume of work I have created for myself, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am really excited about this whole thing…

  • Pelican Review.

    Pelican Review.

    Pelican Products are the finest hardshell cases and flashlights manufactured in the world. Take a serious look to protect your expensive portable investments from the worst of what can be thrown at it.

  • gathering storm.

    gathering storm.

    energy is brewing as we near the opening for 2013 SWIISS Costa Rica. The Mayor’s office in Heredia are predicting that attendance could reach as high as 20,000 people over the two weeks (August 18 – 31) the group of Sculptors from 6 nations will be creating monumental-scale artworks in the Central Park of Downtown Heredia. Here is some information about the Sculptors participating in the inaugural SWIISS event.

  • summation of phase 1: wood, kilns, & workshops.

    summation of phase 1: wood, kilns, & workshops.

    The bottom line is that I have accomplished more than I thought possible, in less time than than I thought possible, and I still have a few months to go. I have submitted my recommendations to the Tropical Forestry Initiative Board of Directors and committed to continue working with them in the future where I am able.

  • a loud fast memory.

    a loud fast memory.

    Nicaragua part 2. great food, great drinks, great music, great art and crafts, great weather, and most importantly met many wonderful people. Make it a point. Put it on your bucket list. Susan and I already long to go back.

  • the blur so rich.

    the blur so rich.

    part 1 of 3. Our first visit to Nicaragua. This trip topped our travel charts and excited us about travel in ways we have been missing for a while. The experience was vibrant, rich, and authentic. can’t wait to go back.

  • Superwinch Review.

    Superwinch Review.

    Funny thing about a winch and overland travel, you want to own one but you don’t necessarily want to use it. I have buried this truck on the frame more than once working in sand and sticky wet river clay, My Superwinch Talon 12.5i SR recovered my gear reliably every time. I would like to encourage my sculpture colleagues to consider equipping their trucks with winches. We drag around heavy stuff for a living and this is the solution for performing those tasks safely and inexpensively. Give Superwinch a call and find out what solutions and deals they have for you.

  • finally, timber.

    finally, timber.

    Two young hard working Ticos showed up with a ‘can do’ attitude and plenty of elbow grease to harvest Amarillon and Mayo Colorado last weekend. Work yet to be done with the Tropical Forestry Initiative. I meet with U.S. Ambassador Anne Andrew this week to present my findings and progress.

  • Pentax K-5 Review. Revisited.

    Pentax K-5 Review. Revisited.

    Several months ago I posted a brief technical review of the Pentax K-5 Camera that was generously donated to document my work in Costa Rica. Almost six months have passed since that time and I have used this camera daily. This is an updated review, and for those of you that may have missed my initial technical review of this camera, here it is again.

  • Easy Wood Tools.

    Easy Wood Tools.

    I now turn exclusively with Easy Wood Tools and will never look back. They are hands down the finest lathe tooling on the market. I have never required so much from my tooling as I am right now and I have never used a lathe tool capable of the abuse Easy Wood Tools plows through.

  • Rancho Suspension Review.

    Rancho Suspension Review.

    I have used Rancho Suspension products exclusively on my four wheel drive trucks for nearly 20 years. My trucks have to look good as an extension of my business and perform reliably in tough situations. Rancho suspension systems and shocks help me achieve the right blend of performance and aesthetics to work and play.